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Interstitial Cystitis Course - Your Roadmap to Healing

The comprehensive IC course from Dr. Nicole Cozean!

IC is a frustrating diagnosis.  There's conflicting information online, and many physicians are woefully uninformed about how to help.  No one ever seems to look at the big picture, and patients have to be their own advocate (on top of everything else going on!).

We've worked with thousands of IC patients from Southern California and around the world.  For years we've wanted to create a course that gives the same information we provide our patients to those beyond our walls - a Roadmap to Healing.

If this saves you even one wasted doctor visit, one unnecessary test or procedure, one better-focused PT session, or one more sleepless night wondering about what to do next, you've come out ahead.

This online course allows you to go at your own pace through the material, and you'll have lifetime access to go back to the most important sections for you.  It includes:

  • An overview of the condition and treatment options
  • Busting the 8 IC Myths that keep patients from getting better
  • Options for medical procedures and medications
  • The Truth about the "IC Diet" and how to eliminate your trigger foods
  • How advances in pain science can help us better understand - and treat - IC pain and symptoms
  • The Pelvic Floor Connection and how Pelvic PT helps patients
  • Self-Care Practices for IC
  • A 25-min, full-length Pelvic Health Flow that puts all of these different motions together

** Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting or changing medications, supplements, exercises, or any other changes to your medical care.  This course does not diagnose or treat any specific medical condition**