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Sleep - Foundations of Pelvic Health

Get better sleep to support pelvic health!

Many of our patients struggle to get enough sleep each night - maybe you think that when your pelvic health symptoms get better, it will result in better sleep.

However, the opposite is likely true - even a small improvement in your sleep can reduce pain, give you more energy, and support your pelvic health. 

This course by Dr. Nicole Cozean contains practical tips to get better sleep.  You're sure to come away with a better understanding of your sleep and ways to improve your rest.  There's a reason we consider sleep a foundation of pelvic health! 

The course includes:

  • Bedtime rituals to help you fall asleep faster
  • Morning techniques to jumpstart your day and ensure better sleep that night
  • Daytime tricks to maximize your sleep potential
  • Checklist to optimize your bedroom for sleep
  • A review of supplements and essential oils for aiding in sleep
  • Ways to determine if you have a sleep condition
  • Sleep positions and what they mean for the quality of your rest

We’re offering this course for $29 (40% off) during this shutdown to help support our patients and followers remotely during this time.  You’ll be able to go back to each exercise as many times as you need.  Pick out your favorite tips - if you come away with even one practical suggestion to improve your sleep, the course will be worth it!  

** Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting a new exercise routine.  This course does not diagnose or treat any specific medical condition**