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Movement - Foundations of Pelvic Health

The movement series that supports your pelvic health!

Something we've noticed from our complex and out-of-town patients: many times they haven't had areas outside the pelvis and pelvic floor addressed - even though this can be driving their symptoms!

This course by Dr. Nicole Cozean contains common exercises that we use with our patients.  We've been planning it for over two years, but haven't had the time to film it and put it together for you - until now!  It includes:

  • 7 different movement techniques that all support pelvic health
  • Full explanations of each movement and how it relates to your pelvis
  • An overview of the pelvic floor and it's relationship to the rest of the body
  • Information on how to safely exercise with pelvic health issues
  • A 25-min, full-length Pelvic Health Flow that puts all of these different motions together

We’re offering this course for $29 (40% off) during this shutdown to help support our patients and followers remotely during this time.  You’ll be able to go back to each exercise as many times as you need.  Go through our complete movement flow, or pick a few favorites to work on each day – if this even adds one piece to your home program, it can make a huge difference!

** Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting a new exercise routine.  This course does not diagnose or treat any specific medical condition**

What People Are Saying:

“Could rotate further on both sides, touch my toes, and when past my knees - all were improvements from the first assessment. Simple, quick moves I can easily see myself doing often!”


“I’m an IC patient with pain that only presents on the right side. I had much less mobility on that right side... but felt a little more movement on both sides the second time. These exercises are eye-opening because I’ve been dealing with groin/ hip pain on the right side for some time. No doubt these exercises will, over time, help me with my pain. Thank you!”


“I felt a little tightness in my back actually but it started to subside after I did these exercises multiple times!”


“I was able to feel the change with each exercise”